The purpose of the Hillcrest Estates Improvement Association (HEIA)
as stated in our Articles of Incorporation, is:

To advance and improve the civic and social welfare of the community of Oakland, California with particular emphasis and interest directed towards those ends as they relate to the improvement and protection of property interests in Hillcrest Estates.

Annual Meeting
4/27 Update

Over 80 neighbors joined as outgoing President Judi Bank kicked off, with presentations by Skyline Principle Vinny Blye and Athletic Director Don Arsissone, Pat Keller Oak Knoll Development, and City and County of Oakland representatives including Supervisor Nate Miley discussed new Septic Regulations.
Special thanks to website sponsor Realtor Martha Hill and Nate from Intervention Group who donated 3 months free security to raffle among attendees.
There is still time to cast your vote for board members - just mail in your ballot by 4/30!


Welcome to our community! Our website gives our members ways to view  information, pay dues, and get involved.

The Hillcrest Estates Improvement Association (HEIA) is a neighborhood homeowners's association comprising about 254 properties near Skyline Blvd in Oakland, California, between Redwood Road down to about 1/2 mile after Hansom Drive.




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Our Board

Judi Bank, President 

Lee Rutter, Vice President

Cody Strub, Treasurer 

Della Johnson, Secretary 

Mimi Chan, Communications 

Shanee Martin, Social 

Brad Edgar,
School Liaison

Rachelle Karpeles

Larry Cardoza

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Our next regular board meeting is Wed 5/4 at Skyline Church 7pm. It is open to the public so all are welcome!

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Mid-April, you received your ballot to elect HEIA Board Members. Be sure to return it promptly and mail by 4/30 to have a voice!