Are you ready for an emergency?

CORE Training: Free, Effective, Life-saving


It is in all our best interests to have every block in Hillcrest Estates trained and equipped to respond effectively to emergencies.  

Oakland's CORE (Citizens of Oakland Respond to Emergencies) program conducts free emergency preparation and response training.  CORE involves three levels of training:
  • CORE I:  —individual and family preparedness
  • CORE II—: neighborhood emergency response
  • CORE III: —hands-on training

For an updated schedule, or to register for CORE, go to their website, or (510) 238-6351 or e-mail CORE.

Watch our calendar for upcoming CORE classes we'll be scheduling close to home this year. With 15 or more participants, CORE will bring Sessions I and II right into your living room. 

HEIA Family Registry for emergency response

Help us help you! The HEIA board is collecting neighborhood information about HEIA residents for use in an emergency situation. This information would only be made available to emergency workers in the event of a disaster, such as an earthquake or fire.  Fill out our online form .