Keep your property in compliance year round

Protect your investment, protect our neighborhood

We share an important year-round role in preventing fires in Hillcrest Estates.  Drought conditions now have us in fire season year-round. Here are the top priorities to review:

  • Are your tree limbs clear within 10 feet of your roof?
  • Are your rain gutters clear of dead leaves and debris?
  • Do you have vines climbing that could act as a fire ladder?
  • Is stored firewood at least 20 feet from structures?
  • Is your house number visible from the street and at least 4" tall?

Download Oakland Fire Department's Inspection Notice for more tips and requirements.

For FREE Chipping of small tree limbs & brush call City of Oakland's Vegetation Management 510-238-7388 or visit

The Oakland Wildfire Prevention Assessment District (WPAD) Advisory Committee meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month 7-9pm at Trudeau Training Center 11500 Skyline Blvd.

Inspections begin mid-May. Here's your incentive to make sure you get the job done:


Failed inspection fines

  • Per section 109.3 CFC  violation penalties, persons who fail to comply with any requirements of the Fire Code shall be guilty of an infraction punishable of a fine not to exceed $1000.00.
  • The City master fee schedule, approved by City Council, lists the fine for a failed 1st vegetation management inspection at $303, failed 2nd inspection is an additional $303 for a total of $606 for failing 2 inspections back to back after a 30 day 1st inspection Notice of Violation.
  • Failing a 3rd inspection is a misdemeanor with an administrative hearing notice mailed via certified mail to the violator. Failure to appear results in an additional fee of up to $1531.00 per the master fee schedule and the property being placed out for private contractor bid to clear. The cost of the clearing of the property by a private City contractor will then be billed to the lawful property owner and if unpaid, all fines and fees will be sent to collections for restitution.