Why advertising with Hillcrest Estates makes good sense for your business

  • We have over 250 parcels within our borders. Are the demographics of the Oakland Hills a good match for your business?
  • We drive traffic to our site with regular e-newsletters
  • We're now offering low, introductory rates


1.  Event Sponsor

  • Get your name, product or service in front of our members
  • $200 for our Annual Meeting; $50 for most other events
2. Website Advertiser
  • Introductory rate: $100 for a full month, $1200 for a full year gives you category exclusivity
  • Ads appear on nearly every page of our site, in rotation with our other advertisers
  • Choose either a banner ad to run the width of a page at 468 x 60 pixels or a sidebar ad to run on the side of the page at 180 x 150 pixels
  • File format: Jpeg
  • Clickable to your website


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 Event Sponsor

We keep our members engaged through a variety of events and forums throughout the year.

 Website Advertiser

Advertising on our new website is a great opportunity for any business wanting to reach potential customers in Hillcrest Estates.  Advertisers appear in rotation with other advertisers for 30 days on every page except the home page.