Board of Directors Meetings

Skyline Church

The HEIA Board meets at  7 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month except December. All neighbors are welcome to attend and comment.

To request a copy of the minutes or the agenda, send us an email 

Mailing Address

13152 Skyline Blvd.
Oakland CA  94619

New to HEIA?

Serving on the board is the best way to get to know your neighbors and learn about Hillcrest Estates. The board invites you to come to a board meeting and see what we are all about. Maybe you have an inspiration for a project that you would like to see in Hillcrest. If you would like to run for a board position, please email us. 

Annual Meetings

HEIA holds its annual meeting in the spring. We invite speakers on topics of interest to our neighborhood and elect new board members to represent their portion of our diverse and unique area.  For the election to take place, we need a quorum of 35% of dues paying members (in person or by proxy). 

Write-in candidates are always welcome but please remember, no electioneering, campaigning or election-related flyers at the meeting. No cumulative voting is recognized.

How to cast your vote

Once you receive your ballot packet in the mail each year, you may submit your vote in any ONE of these ways:

  • Mail your ballot or drop it in the HEIA mailbox at the Fire Station 13153 Skyline Blvd. It must be received by 9:00 pm on the date of the Annual Meeting.
  • Bring your ballot to the meeting and drop it in the box by 9:00 p.m.
  • Give someone else the authorization to fill in your ballot (vote by proxy). This can be a board member or any HEIA member you choose. Be sure to sign the proxy and have your return address on the outside of the envelope.

Whichever method you use to vote

  • You must have paid your current year's dues for your vote to count. You may include payment in your ballot envelope.
  • Only one vote is allowed per parcel. If you own multiple parcels you may submit a ballot for each parcel in a separate envelope with a dues check for each parcel.
  • Make sure your address is on the outside of the envelope used to submit your ballot


To keep our HEIA community informed and engaged, we host several events each year. Check the event calendar on our home page for details.