Intervention Group Private Patrols



Dispatch: 1-877-272-8765  (1-877-2PATROL)

Intervention Group has been patrolling our streets  since since 2013. Crime is down since this patrolling began.  There is safety in numbers.  To be sure we can continue this important service at the reasonable price of $35.00 per month (less if paid in advance) we need 100 households in HEIA.   

To learn more about Intervention Group Inc.'s (IGI) crime prevention services:

With the exception of Skyline High School student interactions, Intervention Group has seen the most activity within HEIA during the night time hours, many times resulting in roaming patrols above and beyond contact requirements. Based upon our familiarity of neighborhood patterns as well as other factors, especially the time change, holidays and weather changes, IGI modifies patrol strategy to increase deterrence.

Call Intervention Group regarding any suspicious vehicle or person(s) in order that IGI officers are dispatched to make contact with the person/vehicle or ensure the area is clear. Be prepared to provide the following to IGI and/or OPD:

  • Your name, address and contract telephone number
  • Details of crime or suspicious activity
  • Location of activity and direction person/vehicle headed
  • Description detail (vehicle make/model and color or person description including clothes).
  • Take pictures of vehicle or persons if possible; license plate details if possible.

We again encourage you to call IGI Dispatch should you see any person, vehicle or activity that makes you uncomfortable or suspicious. Of course, if your safety is immediately threatened, call OPD then IGI; with our officers often in the area, we may be able to respond before OPD. In any case, all incidents should be reported to OPD since their assignment of patrols is complaint-driven.

All family members should be aware of how to contact IGI. We also encourage you to list the IGI phone number in locations easily accessed, including mobile phones (for all family members).

Security Services available to all enrolled HEIA residents include:

  • Security patrols with unlimited resident calls for security-related issues.
  • Vacation Watch: When homeowners are absent for more than 48 hours, Intervention Group will provide additional time and attention to individual homes and officers may walk around a vacation-registered home to check for forced entry or damage.
  • Home Alarm Response: Homeowners have the option to list Intervention Group as a contact with alarm companies. If an alarm occurs during contracted hours, it is our experience that Intervention Group is first response and may save homeowners the expense of an OPD-issued false alarm assessment. Intervention Group officers will inspect for damage and/or intrusion, respond appropriately, including dispatch of OPD, and contact homeowner.