Tips for Sellers:

If a home sale looms in your near future, there are things to consider beyond simply putting a price on the property and a sign in the ground, and these things will contribute to the list price that you finally establish.

First, where are you going and when?

Have your destination lined up!  Are you leaving now and selling after you depart?  Do you need to stay in town while the house is on the market?  Do you need to sell and ask the buyer to rent the house back to you for 30 days while you find a rental or purchase anew?  There are many permutations and they will affect the cosmetic and structural preparation of your property, as well as impact the presentation and pricing.

Time of year is important – especially important in Hillcrest Estates, while less so in neighborhoods closer to transit or with sought-after public schools.  If you plan to move in September, then you may be looking at putting the house on the market in July-August, traditionally slower months in our area.  How can we work with your schedule to ensure you get the highest price? If a spring sale is your goal, then ideally we should be talking in December in order to put together a reasonable “work-back” schedule for getting the house ready.

Houses are deceiving! We live with lots of possessions and we develop habits in our habitats.  What worked for you – color, floor plan – may not be optimal for the majority of buyers.  We will need time to thin or empty the house and address what needs to be done to it to attract the broadest audience.

Every house is special, and every home sale is driven by different dynamics.  Let’s take a look at the puzzle together and put a plan in place that suits YOU best.