Our Privacy Pledge

Maintaining privacy and security of information about Hillcrest Estates members is a high priority for us. Authorized administrators of our website and member center use your contact information with us ONLY for official association business.

Requests for contact information

We refuse all requests for contact information unless we determine it's for official Hillcrest Estates business. If there's any question, we'll contact you to ask you to contact the inquirer directly . Examples:

  • What if: Someone wants your email to invite you to a meeting that is not related to HEIA. We will normally refuse such requests. If we think it might be important to you, we'll send you an email asking you to contact the requesting party if you're interested.
  • What if: Your block captain is getting neighborhood emails bounced from your address. He/she asks if we have an update. We will email you and ask you to provide it to your captain.
  • What if: A Hillcrest Estates committee asks for the email addresses of all block captains to hold a tip-sharing forum. We will provide  the block captain roster and advise the host the information can only be used for that invitation.
  • What if: A vendor wants to email all our residents. No deal!


Our system offers the option of posting a directory of all members in our Member Center. We opted not to open up that option. Similarly, in the Committees section, we have opted not to post committee rosters.  

User names and passwords

If you've forgotten your user name, email us and we'll send it to to log in to you so you can log into our Member Center and pay dues online. You can reset your password in the Member Center--we don't have access to passwords.

Our vendors

AMO is the company we use to power our website and Member Center.  Here is a link to AMO's Privacy policy.

On line payments are processed through our vendor, Stripe. Here is a link to Stripe's security policy.