Our History 

In 1985, Lois J. Kline and Barbara Anderson Thyberg presented a fascinating history of our area to the Hillcrest Estates Improvement Association. The Skyline of Yesterday details the rich history of Skyline neighborhoods from Redwood Road to 14225 Skyline. Here's a peek at what they documented about Hillcrest Estates:

Hillcrest Estates

In 1926, the Realty Syndicate signed a promissory note for $1,000,000 backed up by a deed of trust to 163 different properties in the Oakland area, including Hillcrest Estates. In 1946, it was a lien against the property and American Trust Company obtained it on a foreclosure.The American Trust Company filed a record of survey on January 20, 1947 to subdivide a portion of this land from Redwood Road to the Brother's Line (just south of the firehouse). Lots were one acre or more in size and sites sold for $4,000 an acre to $12,000 for a 14-acre site.  All properties within the Hillcrest Estates were safeguarded through deed restrictions and covenants to insure harmonious development. Mason- McDuffie Company was the realtor and their sales office was at the corner of Skyline and Redwood Road. Several homes were built in 1950 and in 1951 a dozen or more families bought lots and started homes in the Hillcrest area.

Here's a peek at the table of contents in The Skyline of Yesterday. Read it online or download it.

  • Natives
  • Peralta Land Grants
  • Redwoods
  • EBMUD & East Bay Regional Parks
  • Skyline Boulevard
  • Real Estate Developments
  • Beacon Hill
  • Vista Madera Stables
  • Devil's Punch Bowl
  • Laundry Farm
  • Fire House
  • Joaquin Miller
  • Oakland Zoo
  • Wildlife
  • Public Schools
  • Skyline Community Church
  • Skyline Garden Club
  • Hillcrest Estates Improvement Association, Inc.
  • Bibliography