Dear Homebuyers & Real Estate Professionals

Thank you for your interest in learning about our Hillcrest Estates Improvement Association.

HEIA is not an HOA under the Davis-Stirling Act. It is a voluntary neighborhood organization involved with local issues relating to households in this area. The goal is to foster communication and community spirit between the residents of this area.

HEIA does not own or maintain any community property and has no rights or responsibility for enforcing CC&Rs, and has no jurisdiction in the purchase or sale of property.

Annual dues are voluntary and can be paid here

We would invite realtors and potential homeowners to learn about HEIA through the bylaws, minutes and financial statements posted below.

We do encourage new homeowners to join the organization in order to get to know their neighbors, have an understanding of some of the local issues, and become a part of this beautiful, diverse and vibrant community.


Key HEIA documents