Safety Cameras

One of our main priorities as a neighborhood association is to increase safety in our neighborhood, which is why we have invested in security cameras with Flock Safety. The footage from these cameras are to be used in the investigation of crimes in our neighborhood. We are able to pull camera footage for police investigations for all dues paying HEIA members or friends of HEIA. Please report all incidents in our neighborhood to the police and email us at if our footage can help in an investigation.

If you witness any unusual/suspicious activity, persons or vehicles in real time, please contact IGI Dispatch: 1-877-272-8765.

The Board of Directors has adopted the following policy for the handling of footage captured by the cameras: 

  • Footage from Flock Safety cameras will not be actively monitored by the Board. 
  • The Board of Directors or their designated agent may review footage from the Flock Safety cameras if there is complaint of potential illegal activity in the neighborhood.
  • Footage from Flock Safety cameras will be stored in the cloud (Amazon Web Services) for a rolling period of 30 days. In the event of illegal activity, footage can be downloaded for extended storage.
  • Permanent access to footage from Flock Safety cameras will be limited to the Board or their designated agent. Temporary footage access may be granted to members of HEIA or law enforcement if they submit a written request to that includes the following information. We will respond to all requests for footage within 48 hours. Please be patient as we are volunteer run. 
    • Police report number
    • Timeframe of incident
    • Description of incident
  • Members are encouraged to add their information to the Safe List so that any footage of their vehicle will be marked as “Resident.”
  • If you are not an active member of HEIA there is a $50 administration fee for each request. You can also join HEIA for unlimited requests by paying yearly dues.



  • The existence of Flock Safety cameras should NOT be relied upon by any individual for safety or security. Individuals are encouraged to take additional precautions to ensure the safety of their property.
  • Hillcrest Estates Improvement Association and Flock Safety are NOT law enforcement agencies and are not in a position to undertake law enforcement activities. Any illegal activity should be reported to law enforcement immediately for investigation.